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Welcome to A.Y.M Shafa Ltd

Yakubu A. Maishanu

It is my pleasure to welcome you to A.Y.M. Shafa Limited, an innovative indigenous petroleum marketing company, and an amalgamation of businesses serving different sectors of the Nigerian economy. 
We are a conglomerate with a noble history, but our growth trajectory has demonstrated how far the power of focus can take a vision. Beginning with incorporation on 12th July, 1996, the leadership of A.Y.M. Shafa Limited recognised that running an enterprise successfully requires a sense of purpose, ahead of expertise.

Corporate Philosophy

A.Y.M. Shafa Limited is a business on a mission to create value for our stakeholders, including the society that lent its resources to our prosperity. We are driven by the following vision and mission.


To be a leading Oil and Gas Marketing and distribution Company, recognized for its people and technology in the provision of highly dependable quality product and services.


To be a premier Oil and Gas marketing and distribution company in Nigeria and West Africa, delivering top quality products and services to meet the needs of the Market, while justifying shareholders confidence and values.  


At A.Y.M. Shafa Limited, we understand that service is not a favour to our customers, but our duty to them. Therefore, we are determined to meet our customers’ needs respectfully and exceed their expectations with an attitude of gratitude to put genuine smiles on their faces.  


This is the defining attribute that expresses what we represent as a business. Our operation is an interplay of integrity, competence, sound judgment, relational sensitivity and like ability to deliver exceptional value to our stakeholders. Over the years, we have become recognised as a reliable partner in the quest for high standards and quality products and services in the marketplace. Our name inspires confidence because of our track-records of integrity.


We are a well-coordinated business with exceptional capacity to deliver first class services effortlessly in a timely manner. At A.Y.M Shafa Limited, our expertise is complemented by a positive attitude that makes every project a priority in our company. With this outlook, we promptly discharge our corporate contractual and social responsibilities, and free our operations from "dress-rehearsals" that unduly elongate service delivery time.  


As a value-driven organization, we have continuously sought to leave behind an impression that attests to our credibility, efficiency and courtesy - these values we profess at every contact with our company. At A.Y.M. Shafa Limited, these values are en-grained in our culture, and are made manifest across in our touch-points, including employees, products and services quality and delivery channels.  


At A.Y.M. SHAFA LIMITED, our reputation for ethical, lawful and honest business is one of our greatest assets. At all times, we will act with honesty, integrity and transparency and ensure that our business relationships are always conducted in an ethical and lawful manner. We are committed to improving our personal and corporate integrity thereby setting the right tone in all cadres of the Company to demonstrate our abhorrence of bribery and corruption and also assist the Federal Government of Nigeria and its agencies in the fight to eliminate corruption in Nigeria.